• Our Vision. We all love to escape. Escape is a double-disc sport (double disc court---DDC). We want to share the joy with everyone. The goals are to encourage new players and to oversee competitions.
  • Our Values. Escape is fun. The most fun you can have with two discs. We work to bring this fun to all by teaching folks how to play. We also work to create tournament environments that are competitive, enjoyable for players and spectators, and that provide learning opportunities for all.
  • Our Structure. The DDCPA is a non-profit Florida organization [501(c)3] formed in 2016. We have a Board of Directors that meets regularly to manage the administrative needs of the organization and to accomplish goals that will serve our members and to grow the sport.
  • Bylaws.
  • Board Meeting Notes.
  • Site Administrators. Jim Elsner (james.elsner@gmail.com); Hank Bass (hank.w.bass@gmail.com)

Origin of DDC. (by Jim Palmeri).